Now that you have logged into the forums joined the corporation you are going to want to get access to TS. By default when a new person logs into TS they have no access. so lets go through fixing that.

1.) The first step is to login to TS that information can be found in the Corp Bulletins.
2.) Once you have logged in and are sitting in the lobby press ctrl-I
3.) Now depending on your Teamspeak settings you may need to switch to advanced mode. So look near the bottom for a button that says “Go Advanced”

4.) Now that you’re in advanced mode you’re going to want to copy the Unique ID field. It’s very important that you copy the correct field as it has to be the field highlighted below.

5.) Now that you have the Unique ID head over to the forums and go to your profile.

6.) Once at the profile screen click “Edit Profile” located near the middle center.

7.) On your edit profile screen you should see a field called “Teamspeak unique ID” that is the field you want to past your unique TS ID into. Once you have completed that and click submit. Your TS permissions will be updated. PLEASE NOTE If you do this while not on TS the permission update won’t be instant. You will need to come back here and click submit again once you are logged in or wait for the scheduled job to update you on TS. That process won’t start until you have logged in and may take some time.