Just ISK


Over 10 prime ratting systems.

Pure ISK payout from drone rats.

D.E.D. 10/10 sites available.

Rat in VNI to Super Carrier.


Null ore sites always avalible.

Moon Mining.

Infrastructure to build anything.

Access to perfect refiners.

Market prime for builders.

Who Are We?

  • Hunters
  • Builders
  • Miners
  • Ratters
  • Care Bears.

Here at HIgh Sec Care Bears, we practice all things Care Bear; how you do that is purely up to you! From ratting in a humble VNI, to a Nyx. Mining in a solo Procurer, to a fleet for Rorquals. We offer this with absolutely ZERO call to arms. No rage pinging, no stress. PVP can be had, but never required! We have an expansive collection of Upwell structures for every task at hand, and perfectly rigged for every application they offer. Now all we need to know is where will you park your clone?